BrownBoi Maj is the latest Double R&B sensation coming out of Phoenix, AZ and he is breaking the mode of what “Latino” musicians are “supposed” to sound like. The newest member of Team Jon Doe, has definitely found a lane to call his own, coining his sound as “Slush Sh!t”, because it’s hard and smooth at the same time.  And just like slush, it’s something you can chill to. The self-proclaimed “broke boi” might not think his pockets are thick enough for the 5-star lifestyle that he desires but the singer-songwriter is rich with talent.

BrownBoi  didn’t always know he wanted to be a singer.  In fact, it wasn’t until 2014 that he realized his vocal abilities was better than the average person. “Sure, I would sing to girls to get their numbers but never thought anything about it until a friend of mine brought it to my attention. He invited me to his studio to record a track. We put the track on Soundcloud and it had over 4,000 views in a week. It was then I realized my talent”, says the singer.  But having talent wasn’t BrownBoi’s only motivation to make it in the music industry.

If you’re from Phoenix, AZ you might have seen BrownBoi serenading a speechless audience in front of the local Ross Department store. His motivation, however; travelled further than just the love of music. BrownBoi Maj would perform to make money so that he could help feed his family. It is that drive and hunger (no pun intended) that has contributed to his success thus far.   

BrownBoi Maj might make light of his struggles but his story is inspiring to his fans because they are seeing his dreams and goals unfold right in front of them and they realize with the same determination they can do it to. “He doesn’t just sing about shopping at Goodwill, he actually shops there (hence the cover art to his Broke Boi single)”, says Iyon at Team Jon Doe Management. “His courageous attitude, in a society that judges you by your material possessions, is inspiring. I think that authenticity is what attracts people to him”.

With Broke Boi getting much buzz, BrownBoi Maj won’t be broke for long.  Currently, he is working on an EP titled Desert Slums where he lets us in on his rags to riches journey, while also embarking on a forty-two city tour throughout Arizona, Nevada and Colorado, to promote his single Broke Boi along with the video. Though he is barely getting his feet wet in this music game, BrownBoi believes the only way to reach true authentic fans is to get out there with the people, “shake hands and kiss babies” and that’s exactly what he plans to do.